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How AI affects production efficiency
The effects of AI on cost, quality, and time—plus why and how to keep humans in the loop.

How we work with AI: Layer Mask walk-through
Step-by-step of Pixelz’ AI layer mask implementation, with real AI-drawn examples.

AI hype 'gotchas': pitfalls to avoid
A lot of AI hype is just that: hype. Learn the very real limits of AI, and how to spot a hypebeast.

AI impact in numbers and dataviz
See Sebastien's real dashboards measuring KPIs around image timings and workflow automation



Pixelz’ lead Computer Vision Scientist breaks down Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to an audience of E-Commerce Directors and Photo Studio Managers, complete with live Q&A.

36:45 full video filmed on location in Brooklyn, early 2020.